Woodworking & Carpentry

Coming from a family with generations of carpenters and builders, it only made sense that I would find an appreciation for working with wood. A timber-framing friend once said, “Wood is so forgiving.” I thoroughly enjoy any opportunity to create with this sustainable material whether it’s a hemlock log or a piece of finely milled cherry or black walnut.

It is always a pleasure to be able to blend trail work and woodworking for creating trail structures such as bridges, boardwalks, kiosks or perhaps more typical carpentry projects – shelters, huts, and the occasional residential construction. Seasons and weather often dictate what the current work is. The warmer months are mostly dedicated to trail structures and outdoor carpentry projects. On rainy days and in the winter you’re likely to find me in the woodworking shop making trail signs, pre-building pieces for the next project, or tackling a remodeling job. Either way, it’s all smiles when the woodworking tools come out.

Gallery of Woodworking and Carpentry Projects

Here are a few examples of both carpentry and woodworking projects.