SnowHawk LLC provides training in several aspects of trail design and construction, with an emphasis on actively involving participants in experiential learning. I’ve been involved with trail skills training since 1991 and am especially fond of teaching land stewards, volunteers, school groups, conservation corps, and others that are new to participating in trail work.

SnowHawk LLC can organize anything from a one hour lecture to a multi-day experience for large groups and are known to partner with other trail folks that have specific areas of expertise, whether it’s in a local park or a remote backcountry setting. The goal is to teach recognized best practices and skills in a relaxed and safe environment with the best instructors.

We can provide instruction in:

  • Trail Design and Layout
  • Trail Maintenance and Erosion Control
  • New Trail Construction
  • Native Timber Construction
  • Rock Construction
  • Carpentry (Buildings and Trail)
  • Basic Woodworking
  • Outdoor Leadership and Risk Management
  • Need something else? Ask us!
“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” – Warren Bennish

NOLS alumni Service Trip. One of many bridges in the Wind River Range, WY.

This one will hold up fine with a load like this. One of many bridges built in the Wind River Range, WY with NOLS alumni.

Rock work skills training (SCA)

Teaching rock work skills to a group of SCA crew leaders.

Need Caption here.

This roofing project on an Adirondack lean-to became a learning opportunity for the volunteers that were part of this NOLS Alumni service project.

The following video clip was shot during a project with the US Forest Service in the Popo Agie Wilderness in the Wind River Range of Wyoming as part of a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Alumni Service Trip. These annual trips are organized by NOLS and they collaborate with the local agency partner or land manager. As a NOLS alum, I have worked most every one of these trips since 2008. In recent years the service trip has been held in the Adirondacks of NY and new sites are being planned in other locations. These week-long trips offer alumni the opportunity to reconnect with NOLS, enjoy some outdoor time in a beautiful location, refresh old skills and learn new ones while providing much needed work for the hosting land manager.