Trail Design & Construction

Trails offer the chance to enter a world that many of us love and need to visit. We hope that many more will learn the pleasures of following a trail to see where it takes them and what they’ll learn and find. There is a never ending need to maintain trails that were built over the previous decades and new trails are still being built today. Good trails require thorough planning and design and proven construction techniques. This results in trails that require less maintenance and a trail that is sustainable while ensuring a safer, more enjoyable experience for the users.

SnowHawk LLC will assist with improving and preserving your existing trails but will also design and build new trails. Though many projects are on trails designed for passive recreation, the work can include everything from simple foot paths to hiking, biking, and ski trails as well as work on trails or roads used for motorized access. With my previous experience as a carpenter and builder, our specialty is projects that combine woodworking and trails. This includes bridges, boardwalks, steps, retaining walls, shelters, kiosks, signs, and more using a combination of hand and power tools. Our clients include land trusts, conservation commissions, local, state, and federal agencies, non-profits and private landowners.

Projects can include both hand built and machine built trails. Occasionally SnowHawk will partner with contractors that have specialized equipment or skills that would benefit the outcome of a project.


Video above shows a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) alumni service trip, working with NOLS instructors and alum in the Wind Rivers. The Forest Service and I were the technical leads. It was great fun to see our packers get to use this little puncheon for the first time. Note the mules carrying the deck…

A biker’s view of new and improved trails built by Sinuosity: Flowing Trails, Off the Beaten Path, and Snowhawk LLC. Video by Brooke Scatchard, Sinuosity LLC


Gallery of Trail Design and Construction Projects

Here are a few examples of trail design and construction projects.